What’s the best way to feed raw pet dog food?

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Raw pet dog food diet options

If you feed your pet dog a raw diet, how do you go about it? Do you feed the pre-prepared frozen patties? Do you get pre-made mixes and add your own ingredients? Or do you make raw pet dog food at home?

When someone is first switching her pet dog to a raw diet, all the options can seem overwhelming. In this post, I’ll review a few of them (there’s no right choice), but I’d like to hear what the rest of you do. If someone is new to raw feeding, it really helps to hear from others who have been there.

Option #1 – Pre-made raw pet dog food in frozen patties

Obviously the most convenient choice. just open the bag, take out a patty or two and serve frozen or thawed.

I feed about 24 ounces of raw pet dog food per day to my 70-pound dog. There are lots of terrific brands out there such as balanced blends (a sponsor of my blog).

Commercial raw pet dog food is usually based off the idea that dogs need fruits and veggies in their diets in addition to raw meat, organs and bones. This is typically referred to as the BARF diet, or “Bones and Raw Food.” A great thing about commercial raw is the bones are ground up with the meat.

When you feed your pet dog a commercial raw diet, you can feel comfortable he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. Yet, some will say all the added fruits, veggies and minerals may not be necessary, especially if you believe dogs are carnivores.

In addition to the frozen variety, lots of raw pet dog food companies offer a freeze-dried option. This is a lot more expensive, but much easier to store. It’s also convenient for feeding a pet dog raw food while traveling.

Pros of commercial raw pet dog food: Convenient, easy to prepare, balanced, lots of varieties and brands, bones are ground so there’s no reason to worry about your pet dog choking

Cons to commercial raw pet dog food: Cost. At $7 or a lot more per pound, it’s just way too expensive for a lot of people. If you can swing it, choose it. If not, keep reading.

Option #2 – Pre-made mixes where you add fresh ingredients

This is a great option because you are combining commercial raw pet dog food with making the food yourself.

A company called Sojos makes pet dog food mixes where all you have to do is add water and raw meat. This is a convenient way to feed your pet dog a raw diet because it takes away a lot of the anxiety involved with preparation. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your pet dog is getting the ideal nutrients. The mixes are made with ingredients such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, dried kelp and dried alfalfa. add some water and your dog’s raw meat of choice. Hotový.

And if you’re comfortable mixing your own fruits and veggies but not the meat, Primal makes a product called “Primal Grinds” which include ground meat, organs and bone. You would then add in your own fruits and veggies or whatever else you want to include in your dog’s diet. This is a great option for people who are unpleasant feeding their dogs whole bones, and it’s also a way to make sure your pet dog is getting enough organ meat and calcium.

Pros: Gives you a lot more flexibility and control over what your pet dog eats. It’s easy to feed a variety of different foods. It helps you transition to a fully homemade raw pet dog food diet if you’d like.

Cons: cost is still high. Food preparation is a little a lot more complicated.

Option #3 – Homemade raw pet dog food

Almost looks kind of good, doesn’t it? This is one of the “meals” I prepared for my pet dog – ground turkey, chopped blueberries, chicken gizzards and some plain yogurt.

Making your dog’s raw food yourself is normally the most affordable, but it’s also the most complicated. There is a lot more anxiety involved because you have to plan ahead, store all the ingredients and so on. When I feed my pet dog a homemade diet, I find it’s easiest if I rotate between four or five different raw pet dog food recipes so I don’t have to put too much thought into what I’m feeding. If you’re interested in making your dog’s raw food yourself, you must absolutely check out my ebook, which includes 10 raw pet dog food recipes.

Pros: You can save a lot of money this way, but you have to look for sales. Your pet dog could potentially get a lot more variety. You have a lot more control over what types of bones to feed, whether or not to feed fruits and veggies, whether or not to feed ground meat, etc.

Cons: More work on your part, and lots of pet dog owners worry their dogs aren’t getting enough nutrients.

How do you know which option is best?

There’s not really a right way to feed raw. I actually like to feed my pet dog a variety of raw meals, some pre-prepared and some homemade, plus some dry pet dog food a few times per week. considering that he doesn’t get an upset tummy from switching foods, this works for us and I’m able to save money that way.

If you’re a little nervous about feeding your pet dog raw, I recomOpraviť sa začínate tým, že si to uľahčujete. Získajte tašku alebo dve vopred pripravené mrazené placky. Áno, je to drahé, ale bude to trvať určitú úzkosť, zatiaľ čo si zvyknete na myšlienku kŕmenia RAW. Pozrite sa, ako to robí váš domáci pes.

Ak všetko pôjde dobre, zvážte kŕmenie domáceho psa nejaké domáce surové jedlá niekoľkokrát týždenne. Začnite s niečím lacným a základným, ako je kuracie štvrte. Najprv nemusíte kŕmiť nič fantázie alebo sa obávať, že každé jedlo je vyvážené. Postupom času sa dozviete, že kŕmenie surového jedla pre domáceho maznáčika nie je také komplikované.

Kŕmite svojho domáceho maznáčika surové jedlo? Vyrobíte to sami, alebo máte vopred pripravené krmivo pre surové domáce zviera?

Prihláste sa a dostanete moje týždenné surové nápady vo svojej doručenej pošte

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