How is Ace Doing? PetVi Probiotics Are assisting My dog #Giveaway

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My senior mutt Ace has had a rough couple of months healthwise.

The bad guy now has 5 draining skin lesions on different areas of his body.

He’s been wearing a cone collar for 7.5 months, as well as he’s had so many different kinds of antibiotics that his digestive system is really out of whack.

Ace was originally diagnosed with a “foreign body” back in November when there was only one draining wound. now that he has 5 wounds we ruled out “foreign body” as well as his dermatologist (yep, he has his own dermatologist) says this is likely an autoimmune disease, meaning his own body is attacking healthy cells.

Ace just started a new medication (Atopica) to ideally stop his body from attacking itself. It’s as well soon to tell if it’s working. We might truly utilize your positive thoughts now.

How PetVi has helped my dog Ace

One thing Ace’s vets tell me is it’s great to keep him on a probiotic supplement during this time around since of all the antibiotics he’s been on. That’s where PetVi has been helpful.

PetVi is a nutritional supplement for dogs as well as cats formulated to restore as well as preserve the pet’s gut health, according to the company. The product includes pre as well as probiotics as well as is designed to assist boost the pet’s immune system.

A issue with antibiotics is they can likewise ruin the “good” bacteria in a dog’s gut together with the “bad” bacteria. providing probiotics to a dog on antibiotics can help bring back that great bacteria.

Since my dog has been having an upset stomach because of all the antibiotics, we decided to keep him on a probiotic at the exact same time. However, you would want to discuss this with your pup’s vet because sometimes it may be finest to provide the probiotic after the dog is with the antibotics.

PetVi’s probiotic supplement can likewise assist dogs with:

Svrbivá pokožka

Excessive shedding

Zápach z úst

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A couple of my readers’ dogs have likewise tried PetVi

Thank you to our “taste testers” who have likewise had a possibility to try PetVi’s supplements along with Ace. checked out what the dogs’ owners have to state below.

You can also win a prize pack of treats as well as supplements for your dog. just leave a comment below as well as you’re entered! Kliknite tu.

Some readers’ feedback:

Daizie as well as Anya

“I utilized Petvi a few years on my dog Daizie as well as it worked excellent however had stopped utilizing it. A few months back she started throwing up as well as getting upset tummy on a routine basis. I told my other half that I was tired of her feeling so poor as well as that I was going to buy a few of the PetVi as well as begin her back on it. It’s been about two months as well as she has yet to have a upset tummy or throw up.

“I bought the hip as well as joint formula since she is getting old, 7 years old, as well as seems to have helped. Can’t truly tell cause she is in excellent health and wellness however if it works for joints like it does for her digestive system then I am sure it will remedy any type of joint issues.

[quote_center]”I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a bit better.”[/quote_center]

“My youngsters have a dog, Anya. She is a German shepherd mix. She scratches a great deal as well as sheds like a beast. The PetVi that I won in your contest was for her. I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a bit better.”  – Stacey


“Zeus most definitely enjoys the additional topping on his kibble. In fact, I get ‘the look’ from him if I don’t add the powder.

“And his physical response? exactly how do I put this delicately? His system is working much better since his poop is no longer soft as well as mushy. It is well-formed, solid logs. Makes clean up so much easier! The PetVi is the only thing I changed. I presume this means his gut is more properly balanced, something I have been working on for a long time.

“Next step, his itchy skin as well as resulting obsessive licking which has not improved while utilizing PetVi. Zeus obviously has more than his share of food as well as allergy issues. He is a work in progress.”  – Linda

Cleo and Baby

“I am noticing a huge difference in their behavior, however it isn’t showing as such on the outside yet. They like ton. Ak položim svoju misku s jedlom bez toho, aby som na ňu doplnil, pohľad na mňa, potom na misku. Budem vyžadovať, aby som si objednal viac, pretože sú na to úplne závislí. “ – Norma (na obrázku je jej pes Cleo. Dieťa nie je zobrazené.)

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*Gratulujeme víťazom Sylv, Jessica, Patti, Christina a Scott W.


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