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A web traffic lead is a short leash designed for people to have more manage of their dogs as well as keep them close in “tight” scenarios like at the vet or walking in urban, congested areas.

A short leash is likewise nice since you can let your dog run around as though he’s “off leash.” It’s so short that it’s unlikely to catch on something as well as won’t drag. Yet, it’s there to grab if you requirement quick control.

For this reason, the web traffic leash can be useful for transitioning to off-leash obedience as well as is likewise useful for quick manage during other kinds of training such as agility, hunting or perhaps even service dog training.

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Mighty Paw web traffic leash review

My thoughts on the web traffic leash:

This is a extremely well-made leash, as well as you truly can’t go wrong with any type of of Mighty Paw’s products.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward level or higher on that Mutt’s Patreon page receives a FREE product from Mighty Paw every month. In March, members received the new traffic lead.

The web traffic leash is top quality with a contemporary style as well as padded, comfortable handle. It is available in an 18″ length or 30″ length. I have the 18″ length as well as it works well for my 55-pound weimaraner as well as my 70-pound lab mix. I would suggest the longer length for shorter/smaller dogs.

The leash is heavy duty with a carabiner clip, as well as I have no doubts at all that it can hold as much as my crazy, 55-pound weimaraner who PULLS HARD.

People utilize web traffic leads for different reasons such as for keeping their dogs close in congested areas (like the vet).

For me personally, the primary benefit of a shorter leash such as this is for gaining quick manage when I don’t want to drag around a full leash (think agility method or hunting).

I likewise like the concept of letting my young dog drag it around when he is “off leash” so I at least have something to grab if needed. obviously not at a dog park however on more rural hikes.

What is the expense of the leash?

Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off anything on Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon store. Kliknite tu.

The web traffic lead is offered on Amazon now for $13.99.


What’s unique about the product?

There are a couple of features that make this web traffic lead unique. For example, it has reflective stitching, the handle is padded as well as it has a swivel leash attachment (to prevent tangles).

Pros of the leash:

Dobre urobené

Comfortable, padded handle

Stylish colors (gray as well as eco-friendly or black as well as orange)

Very sturdy/durable

Reflective stitching

High-quality carabiner clip

Comes in two lengths (18” or 30”)

Nice leash to keep in your vehicle just to have a little leash handy at all times

Works to loop with the door handle if you requirement to keep a dog on one side of the car. (I would utilize this for transporting foster dogs.)

Here is one of our Patreon members modeling her new Mighty Paw leash!


Only two color choices (I like the green/gray as well as the orange/black however others may prefer one more option)

Not perfect for short or small dogs since the leash just won’t be long sufficient for them

I would suggest this leash for …

I suggest the Mighty Paw web traffic leash for those times when you requirement to keep your dog better (like at the vet). It’s likewise a nice leash to just keep on hand in your car, as well as it gives me some peace of mind when I want to let my young dog be “off leash.” I can let him drag the web traffic lead around as well as quickly grab it if needed.

This leash would be great for walking well-behaved dogs in busy, congested areas. I would likewise suggest it for quick manage during sports like agility. order the web traffic lead HERE.

Here are more of our Patreon members modeling their new Mighty Paw web traffic leash:

Where to buy this leash!

This web traffic lead is offered with Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon. utilize code MP20Mutt for 20% off.

Click right here to order. expense is $13.99.

Are you thinking about this leash?

Let me understand if you have any type of concerns as well as we’ll get them responded to for you. Please share this publish with anyone who may be thinking about a short leash. povedaťvďaka tebe!

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