Does Your canine have a Nickname?

Sep 8, 2022 category

Does your canine have a nickname?

I am one of those people that if I have a close relationship with you, I’m going to call you something other than your real name.

At work I manage to keep it professional, but if you’re pals or family, I probably have a special name just for you—even my mother is “Moms” for me.

When it concerns Baxter, I have so numerous names. possibly much more names implies much more love?

I read Lily and the Octopus awhile ago (certain parts of the book I could have done without, but other parts perfectly capture the love, fear, sadness and delight of dogs), and one chapter has stuck with me. It’s a whole chapter on Lily the dachshund’s nicknames. The list is 39 names long.

It made me wonder how numerous names I call Baxter. So I wrote them down.

Baxter B
Mr. B
Mr. Ears

Seventeen. That’s actually much more than I thought. Not Lily and the Octopus territory, but still a lot for one wiggly, sniffy, snugly, lazy, fantastic dog.

Baxter came with his name when we adopted him. If I was naming him today, I’d probably choose buck for his deer coloured furs and his affection for deer.

For now, I’ll call him Buck, Baxter and 15 other names … and counting.

Does your canine have a nickname?

How did you pick your dog’s name? have you changed your dog’s name?

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