Dog training happens in steps

Jul 5, 2022 Uncategorized

Are you stuck in a rut with pet dog training? Do you feel like you and your pet dog don’t connect? have you been too busy for your dog? Do you believe you have reached the point where your pet dog can’t learn anymore? Are you out of ideas?


You can always do something. Not necessarily all at once, but with little steps. You can’t be a best pet dog owner, but you can still have an nearly best pet dog or at least a delighted dog. Dogs love doing and learning new things.

Here are 50 things you can make with your pet dog on any given day …

1. work on long stays while you are enjoying TV

2. Reward your pet dog for doing something ideal without you asking

3. get up 10 minutes earlier and walk a half-mile further

4. drop the leash and let your pet dog chase you

5. Swim with your dog

6. carry treats in your pocket for a day and reward everything your pet dog does right

7. remember not to leave your clothes within reach (eaten pockets)

8. show your pet dog to give a high five

9. write out the first steps towards solving your greatest pet dog training challenge

10. stop and let your pet dog smell the grass

11. get a stuffed animal at a garage sale (or three)

12. get some raw bones

13. start a pet dog blog (it’s easy!)

14. organize your pet dog photos

15. sign up for an agility class

16. read a book by Jon Katz

17. read a Paul Owens book on positive reinforcement training

18. get a clicker

19. Leave work early on Friday and take your pet dog to a park

20. Bring your pet dog to a local treat or pet supplies store

21. Take a video of your dog

22. hire a professional pet photographer

23. brush your dog

24. Make eye contact with your dog

25. Run with your dog

26. tell your pet dog to “sit” in every room of the house

27. hide from your pet dog and then call her

28. Chase your pet dog around the couch

29. get down on all fours and play in the mud

30. turn an old towel or sock into a toy

31. look up or meet potential foster dogs

32. show your pet dog to speak

33. hide a treat and tell your pet dog to “find it”

34. get a training collar

35. practice sit and stay in a new location

36. give your pet dog a massage

37. call up your best dog-owning pal and go on a pet dog date

38. give your pet dog treats whenever she makes eye contact

39. show your pet dog to roll over

40. Go a full day without training collars – use treats for motivation

41. Leave work 10 minutes early and walk your pet dog 10 minutes longer

42. Rollerblade with your dog

43. Don’t scold your pet dog for a whole week – redirect his attention instead

44. show your pet dog to crawl

45. plan a camping trip or day trip with your dog

46. get a pet dog backpack

47. Bring your pet dog to tonight’s softball or soccer game

48. read Cesar Millan’s “pack-training” book

49. list out your idea of a “perfect dog” and how you could get to that point

50. appreciate your dog’s “quirks” – you’ll miss them when she’s gone

What did you and your pet dog do today?

(Pictured is my favorite golden retriever, Elsie)

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