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It’s discouraging when your pet dog is prone to continuous health and wellness problems like itchy skin, ear infections or digestive troubles.

It may feel like you’re at the vet every other month (paying $200 a visit) only to end up ideal back where you started!

Last year was a struggle for my senior pet dog Ace. We were at the vet for an ear infection in March, an eye infection in April, “hot spots” in July as well as continuous treatment for a puzzling, non-healing wound.

Itchy skin as well as ears are so typical for dogs, as well as I understand lots of of you can relate.

It’s really frustrating trying to get to the bottom of these symptoms. Ace even has his own doggy dermatologist now who’s assisting us kind with all of this!

One thing I’ve discovered is it’s crucial to look at the huge photo as well as to assist your dog’s immune system be as strong as it can be.

Recently, I partnered with PetVi, a pet dog nutritional as well as digestive supplement business devoted to assisting dogs get rid of problems associated to itchy skin as well as digestive disorders.

I’m truly ecstatic about the products PetVi uses as well as of program to be able to share them with you.

PetVi’s products include:

PetVi Digestive health and wellness Supplement (there’s a range for dogs as well as for cats)

PetVi Digestive health and wellness Supplement + Hip & Joint

PetVi Probiotic Treats

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More about PetVi’s supplements for pets

PetVi is a business that supplies nutritional as well as digestive supplements for dogs AND cats. My two cats have had the chance to try a few of PetVi’s products ideal along side their sibling Ace.

PetVi’s products are created to assist a pet preserve good health by naturally replacing lots of of the vitamins, minerals as well as enzymes cooked out of produced pet food (kibble).

This isn’t to state that dry pet dog food is bad. It’s just that our family pets miss out on specific vitamins as well as enzymes when they don’t eat sufficient fresh food. It’s not rocket science. And for those of you who feed a raw diet, believe me I comprehend the peace of mind that includes adding a few additional supplements to your recipes.

PetVi’s supplements can be added to dry pet food, canned pet food, homecooked pet foods or raw pet foods. as well as according to the company, the components are all natural.

PetVi stated its a lot of prominent product is its original digestive health and wellness supplement. This is available for both dogs as well as cats.

PetVi’s digestive health and wellness supplement can assist with:

Restoring as well as preserving gut health
Decreasing a pet’s itchy skin & excess shedding
Decreasing digestive problems
Strengthening the immune system

PetVi’s digestive health and wellness supplement is a source of dietary fibers, digestive enzymes, omega-3 fatty acid and probiotics. The primary component is suncured alfalfa meal.

Alfalfa is a “super food” that contains fiber as well as vitamins A, E, U, B6, K as well as D, according to PetVi. It likewise consists of important enzymes.

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Each 1-pound bag will supply a big pet dog for 30 days, a medium pet dog for 60 days or a little pet dog for 90 days. It likewise includes a 120-day money back guarantee.

PetVi evaluation – Is it assisting Ace?

I just started adding the dietary supplement to Ace’s food two weeks ago, as well as I feel hopeful it will work to boost his immune system. It’s truly as well soon to tell, but I will compose a publish next month with a lot more details.

For those of you who would like to try this product for your dogs together with Ace, go into the giveaway below or get the supplement here. I’ll include your comments in my next post. PetVi as well as I are hoping this product can assist as lots of of my visitors as possible.

As with any type of modification in diet, keep in mind it can take some time to notice any type of modifications as well as new supplements must always be introduced slowly.

Giveaway – Win a bag of PetVi Digestive health and wellness Supplement for your dog

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