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Why You Shouldn’t Repeat Commands to Your pet dog

So here’s an embarrassing story for you.

I went downhill skiing for the very first time last month.

I was so terrified to try this – afraid even to walk in my ski boots before snapping on the skis. terrified to “shuffle around” on flat land, let alone an incline.

The chaotic atmosphere – people everywhere, bit youngsters wizzing by, the crackle of far-off avalanche, wintertime gear restricting me – only made things worse.

Josh as well as I subscribed for lessons, which was helpful, however it didn’t take away my fear.

I handled to comply with the basic directions (while trembling) as well as even effectively “skied” down the bunny hill about 6 times. If you can phone call the “pizza wedge” skiing.

After 2 hours, I needed a break. My mind was fried as well as my legs were tired. however we only had 45 minutes of lessons remaining, so we continued on.

The trainer kept repeating over as well as over, “Lindsay, bend your knees! Lean forward!”

And I’d try, however my strong runner’s legs were not so strong after skiing for 2 hours.

“Lindsay, bend your legs! Lean! Lean forward! Forward!“

She stated this lots of times, like I couldn’t hear her. Or that I was ignoring her.

But I heard her just fine! I just physically might refrain from doing what she was asking of me in that moment.

“Lean Forward!” she kept repeating.

And then I cried.

35 years old, crying at the bottom of the bunny hill in huge Sky, Mont.

I saw a few bit youngsters on skis crying that day, also. Like, actual 3- as well as 4-year-olds.

Because they had obviously likewise had enough.

Why this associates with pet dog training – never repeat a command

This has to make with pet dog training since the chaos as well as concern going on in my mind is something our dogs experience too.

Imagine you’re a pet dog as well as loud noises as well as new people make you nervous, or even afraid.

And your owner takes you on a walk downtown, to try to “socialize” you as well as assist you get over your fears.

This may be okay for short periods, however the loud traffic, the squealing kids, the other dogs – it’s all a bit much the longer you’re there.

“Heel, Bailey!” your mommy says. “Bailey, heel! HEEL!“

She’s getting frustrated with you, as well as embarrassed, as well as tugs on your collar harder.

“HEEL!” she yells, as though you can’t hear her.

But you hear her just fine.

It’s just that you just cannot walk on a loose leash in that moment.

It’s as well much to ask.

Why you shouldn’t repeat commands to your pet dog (usually)

Now, let’s be honest. Some dogs genuinely are stubborn as well as lots of of them will purposely neglect us. They all do this at least sometimes.

This publish is not about that.

This publish is about when it’s useless to repeat commands louder as well as louder when your pet dog is wildly excited, stressed, anxious or scared.

It’s difficult for a chaotic mind to focus. We’ve all been there, both dogs as well as people.

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So why is it poor to repeat commands to a dog?

It’s not necessarily “bad” however it’s most likely not going to assist with improving your dog’s training or your relationship. Here’s why:

1. Repeating commands to a pet dog is useless.

Your pet dog hears you however either she:

can’t focus or
she doesn’t comprehend what to do.

Or, worst case, she genuinely is ignoring you, which leads me to …

2. You don’t wan’t to train your pet dog to tune you out!

People tend to talk method as well much!

There was this woman in my pet dog Remy’s beginning obedience class who would stand there as well as have full conversations with her young springer spaniel.

This made the pet dog extremely confused.

We’d be working on “stay” as well as instead of just stating the one word – stay – this lady would be like:

“Now, stay there, Sammy. You stay ideal there. Ok?! Ok?! great girl, Sammy! No, don’t look at the dog. No, just stay there. uži si ma. uži si ma. great girl. great girl, Sammy! No, no, stay ideal there.”

Sammy was a great dog, however she didn’t understand what the hell she was meant to do!

3. The command is “down.” Not “down, down DOWN!”

You don’t want to inadvertently produce the routine of repeating commands. Dogs can quickly discover to wait on our third or fourth command if that’s what we do every time.

Ideally, your pet dog must listen on the very first command. We requirement to plan appropriately so our dogs are successful.

So I’m going to discuss some reasonswhy your pet dog is not “listening” to you as well as what you can do to help.

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Reasons your pet dog isn’t listening to you

1. Your pet dog is scared, anxious or overwhelmed.

Fear is a strong force! When you’re scared, your brain can get stuck as well as your body complies with accordingly. This is what occurred to me on the skiing hill.

Of course, a person’s mind as well as a dog’s mind do not work precisely the exact same way. however when a person or a pet dog is scared, all of us tend to autumn back on our fundamental instincts.

There’s no sense in repeating a command to your pet dog over as well as over if your pet dog is scared.

For example, let’s state you’re taking a beginning agility class with your pet dog as well as she’s afraid of stepping into the “tunnel” obstacle.

Your pet dog will most likely have some comprehending of what you want her to do. She sees you pointing at the tunnel. She sees that you’ve tossed some yummy pieces of beef jerky into the tunnel.

But, she’s afraid to take a step into that dark, unfamiliar item that smells like other dogs.

It doesn’t matter exactly how lots of times you repeat, “Tunnel! Tunnel, Bailey. Go! Tunel!”

If she’s afraid or overwhelmed, you’re going to have to discover a different approach. Maybe, shortening the tunnel or motivating her to just take a treat from directly in front of the tunnel.

2. Your pet dog is distracted.

For me, it was the goggles, the helmet, youngsters wizzing by as well as managing four “objects” at when (two poles as well as two skis) that made it tough to focus while discovering to ski.

Your pet dog might be distracted by anything: other dogs, the noise of birds, youngsters playing, web traffic on a hectic road, the wind – anything!

If she’s distracted, sure, it may assist to repeat a command a second time.

But to stand there repeating over as well as over, “Bailey, heel” or “Bailey, come” is not going to help. It’s time to take a step back as well as work on this command or idea some a lot more in less distracting environments.

3. Your pet dog needs method in lots of environments.

Just since your pet dog comprehend “sit” or “down” in a familiar atmosphere such as your own neighborhood, it doesn’t indicate she’ll understand what to perform in a new environment. This is particularly true with new commands as well as concepts.

This is difficult to envision up until you believe about it in a method that associates with you.

For example, I can undoubtedly put gas in my own cars and truck without believing about it. muscle mass memory, I suppose. This is a quite fundamental task that is relatively similar across all vehicles.

And yet, if I have to put gas in a random rental cars and truck or my parents’ car, I’m going to have to stop as well as believe about it, as well as I may even struggle a bit (I’ll absolutely struggle).

As one more example, my pet dog Remy understands the command to play dead (“bang!”) when we’re at house in our living room. However, he has difficulty doing this in nearly any type of other atmosphere (the park, a friend’s house) just since we haven’t practiced.

He’ll get there, however we have to practice.

4. You’re asking as well much of your dog.

Finally, your pet dog may not be “listening” to you since she genuinely does not comprehend what you’re asking.

We’re not always remove with our cues.

A traditional example is when somebody yells, “Down! Down, Bailey!” at their pet dog for jumping.

But doesn’t “down” normally indicate to “lie down”?

And even a lot more typical is making the assumption that our pet dog comprehends a cue or idea when truly the pet dog is still learning.

What must you do instead of repeating commands?

1. Take a step back as well as re-group. like actually step away from the distraction with your pet dog if you have to. Or, take a moment to plan much better for next time.

2. slowly boost as well as subject your pet dog to a lot more distractions as well as new things. Don’t push as well much on him at when if he’s stressed or having difficulty with even the most fundamental commands.

3. keep training sessions short – just 5 minutes or less. keep the training fun! Praise your pet dog for doing the ideal thing.

4. Make sure you’re being remove as well as consistent with what you’re asking. believe of it from your dog’s perspective.

5. break tough ideas into little steps. often ridiculously small.

6. utilize a clicker pri príležitosti ideálneho správania. Nie som príliš inštruktorom fitness Clicker, ale kliknutie je praktický pri výcviku nového nápadu, takže môžete „označiť“ presne, keď váš domáci pes robí určité požadované návyky. Získajte tu kliknutie.

Teraz presne čo tak ostatní?

Čo si myslíte o opakovaní príkazov psovi?

Je to pre nich mätúce? Žiadny obrovský obchod? Už ste niekedy zmätili svojho psa?

Dovoľte mi pochopiť v komentároch!


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Dog park aggression: Is it preventable?

keeping all this in mind, here are seven things to consider at dog parks for your own dog’s safety, since you cannot control it if some idiot brings his aggressive dog into the park.

How to prevent aggression at the dog park

1. find out what law enforcement will actually enforce in your area.

Maybe your police department has its act together a little better than Fargo’s finest. find out what the laws are and how they are enforced. Don’t be afraid to report questionable dogs and owners.

2. keep your dog in the appropriate area for her size.

Most dog parks are divided into at least two sections, based on the size of the dogs. I am guilty. On quiet days when there are only a few dogs at the park, we will all bring our dogs to one side. I do always ask the little dog owners if it’s ok first, but it’s not OK.

Certain dogs do see small animals as prey. My mutt chases squirrels and rabbits all the time, for example. Really, could you blame a lab mix for mistaking a Chihuahua for a rodent?

3. If a dog is questionable, be safe and leave the park.

If there is a dog I don’t trust, or a human who is irresponsible, I make the choice to leave the park with my dog. It’s not worth it to stay and risk a bite or a fight.

4. Do what you can to control your own dog.

I don’t do this typically enough, but it is a good idea to walk my dog before we go to the dog park. If you walk your dog for a half-hour before you go to the park, she can get rid of pent up energy.

The dogs that enter the dog park in an excited state of mind are the ones most likely to be challenged by a dominant dog. practice entering and exiting the park with your dog under control and practice the recall so your dog will come in all situations.

5. Do what you can to control your own dog.

Most of the time when dogs appear to be fighting, they are just playing roughly or working out who is the dominant one. It usually sounds worse than it is and neither dog gets hurt. but if a dog is possessive of its owner and attacks your dog, what will you do?

Dog trainer Jeff Millman over at watch and Train suggests making a loud noise by hitting a garbage can or yelling to distract the dogs. He also said to try throwing toys at the dogs, spraying them with water or covering their heads with jackets. another option is to pull the dogs apart, but know there is a high chance the dogs will bite you.

6. have veterinary emergency information handy for your dog such as a shot record.

Save your dog’s vet number into your phone. know the hours of the vet’s office and where the local animal er is located. You never know when an emergency will occur.

7. remember all animals are unpredictable.

I wish I could trust Ace 100 percent. I don’t think he would ever bite another dog because he is very submissive, but how do I know he wouldn’t? I don’t. animals don’t just bite out of aggression. They bite if they are scared or excited, too. like I said, Ace is normally a submissive dog, but there are a few dogs he will bark and growl at. behavior like this is typically what stirs up a fight.

Aggressive behavior at the dog park cannot be avoided completely. going to the dog park is always a risk. dog whisperer Cesar Millan and author Jon Katz  say dog parks are disasters waiting to happen.

There are just too many unbalanced, nervous, excited dogs together. A few months back, I wrote a post on 10 things to consider at the dog park. but most of that post included tips only you can control.

What happens when someone doesn’t follow the dog park rules? The dog parks in Fargo are managed by the park district. None of the rules are enforced. even if a possessive dog attacks another dog, animal control does nothing. law enforcement only gets involved if a human is the victim.

Have you seen any fights at the dog park? Čo si robil? Do you think dog parks are safe?

(Image is of my parents’ dog, Sophie, and my uncle’s dog, Radar.)

Čo keby sme prestali volať psov šikanované plemená?

Môžeme prestať odkazovať na určité typy psov ako „šikanované plemená“? Alebo mi niečo chýba?

Slovo „tyran“ je nepochybne negatívne a ani slovo, ktoré musíme použiť na opis akéhokoľvek typu psa, nieto psov, ktorí sú už diskriminovaní a dokonca zabití na základe ich vzhľadu.

Vždy som interpretoval termín „šikanované plemená“, aby som naznačil psy s „býkom“ v mene ako American Bull Dogs, American Pit Bull Terrier, býkových teriérov atď.

Druh „roztomilého“ termínu spôsob, akým by sme mohli označovať austrálskych pastierov ako „Aussies“ alebo jazvečíky ako „doxies“. Myslím, že môžeme nazvať býkmi psami „Bullies“.

Iba to nie je roztomilé.

Nazývanie domáceho psa „tyran“ spôsobuje, že zvuk domáceho maznáčika znamená, čo nie je presne to, čo chcete, aby si ľudia mysleli, keď sa odvolávate na psov.

Je to roztomilé pre tých z nás, ktorí rozumejú psom, pretože nevieme, že žiadne plemeno alebo typ domácich miláčikov nemôže byť v skutočnosti tyran.

Volanie určitých typov psov „Bullies“ posiela nesprávnu správu ľuďom, ktorí nerozumejú psom.

Zaručujem vám, že niektorí moji príbuzní len predpokladajú, že pojem „šikanované plemená“ sa vzťahujú na „stredné plemená“ alebo „nebezpečné plemená“ (ktoré neexistujú).

Dáva im zmysel, aby to predpokladali, vďaka médiám a vďaka nám milovníkom domácich miláčikov, ktorí tak láskavo označujú určitých psov ako „šikanovaní“.

Chcel by som vidieť frázu preč. Ak musíte, použite „pitties“. Prinajmenšom to spôsobuje, že psy znejú jemne.

Čo znamená fráza „šikanované plemeno“?


Tento termín naznačuje rôzne veci pre rôznych ľudí a stáva sa všeobecnou vetou ako „Pitbull“, ktorá sa náhodne vzťahuje na veľa rôznych plemien a zmiešaných plemien. hovorí, že mnoho dnešných „krátkych“ psov je zahrnutých pod značkou „Bully“, ako sú boxery a anglické mastify a Boston Terriers.

K dispozícii je stránka na Facebooku pre „Bully Breeds“ a zahŕňa v mixe Rottweilers a francúzske býky, ale zameriava sa väčšinou na „pitbulls“.

A potom je tu domáci pes s názvom „American Bully“, ktorý má dokonca svoj vlastný klub s názvom American Bully Kennel Club. Stránka skupiny na Facebooku hovorí, že americký šikan je nové plemeno vytvorené z amerického teriéra Pit Bull.

Ste už zmätení?

Som si istý, že tento blogový príspevok pritiahne komentátorov, ktorí povedia veci ako: „Nie, americký šikan je tento“ alebo „Nie, šikanované plemená to nezahŕňajú.“ A možno by všetci mali pravdu.

Je to tak, ako niektorí ľudia používajú „pitbull“ na označenie amerických teriérov pit bull, zatiaľ čo iní (väčšina z nás?) Používajú „Pitbull“ na opis značnej škály zmiešaných a čistokrvných psov.

Myslím, že zmeny jazyka.

Len si myslím, že musíme byť opatrní pri našich slovách.

Stále existuje veľa zákazov plemena a psy stále zabíjajú v amerických prístreškoch a na celom svete, nie za konanie určitého spôsobu, ale za hľadanie určitého spôsobu.

Volanie psov „Bullies“ nie je roztomilé. Sme šikanovaní.

Čo vám naznačuje „šikanované plemeno“ a myslíte si, že tento termín musíme upustiť?

Holiday pet dog gift Boxes from I as well as like as well as You

The new holiday pet dog gift boxes from the business “I as well as like as well as You” are truly cute, as well as I’m ecstatic to share them with you!

The holiday pet dog gift boxes contain:

A holiday “ugly sweater” bandanna (so your pet dog can take part in awful sweatshirt parties)

Soft training treats

Fresh breath bone chews

Beef gullet chew strips

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Holiday pet dog gift boxes from I as well as like as well as You

These gift boxes for dogs are packaged as well as prepared to location under the tree. So no wrapping necessary! They would make a adorable gift for your own pup or for a good friend or household member’s pet dog for the holidays.


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I as well as like as well as You only makes top notch treats as well as chews without any man-made preservatives. genuine meat is the very first ingredient, as well as there are no fillers or by-products.

For each gift box purchased, the business donates a meal to a pet in an animal shelter waiting on adoption.

The three treats as well as chews included in each gift box:

The holiday gift boxes for dogs consist of I as well as like as well as You’s three a lot of prominent goodies for dogs. Each box is worth $35 in value for just $19.99, as well as shipping is free.

1. The Hip Hoppin’ Hearties. These are soft, heart-shaped training treats. They are grain complimentary as well as include glucosamine.

2. Fresh All Rover Breath Bones. These chews are made with turkey as well as garnished with peppermint oil for fresh breath. They are grain free. Each bag consists of five 3″ chews.

3. Cow Boom! Strips. These chews include one ingredient: 100% beef gullet from grass-fed, free-range cattle. Each bag consists of five 6″ strips.

Order a box or provide a box as a gift HERE.

Use code NICELIST2 for $2 off

What I like about the holiday pet dog gift boxes:

Naozaj roztomilé!

The treats as well as chews consist of no grain, man-made preservatives or by-products

Real meat as the very first ingredients

High-quality treats as well as chews – the best

Good value ($35 of products for $19.99)

Doprava zdarma

Nice range of training treats as well as chews

The bandanna is a adorable touch

No requirement to wrap the box unless you want to

I suggest these boxes for a gift for your own pet dog or as a gift for a good friend or household member’s pet dog on your list. The components are high-quality, as well as you can’t go wrong with these gift boxes.

Get a box here. utilize code NICELIST2 for $2 off. buy by Dec. 17 in buy to assurance shipment by Dec. 25.


You don’t get to select which treats are in the box (I don’t mind this at all! One less thing to concern about!)

Some dogs may have allergies to specific treats

These boxes may not be for you if your pet dog has allergies to poultry or beef. The breath bones may be little sufficient for some larger dogs to swallow whole, however a lot of dogs will understand to chew them up a bit first.

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Personalized pet dog Christmas stockings

Primalvore Bone Broth for Dogs review & Giveaway

My dogs Ace and Remy were super excited they got to try the organic bone broth for dogs from the new company Primalvore. I love the name Primalvore, and this is a new brand I’m eager to share with you.

This is the first time my dogs have actually had bone broth, and they seem to love it. Primalvore’s bone broth is made with organic ingredients and without artificial flavors or preservatives.

Primalvore is the sponsor of this post. use code THATMUTT for 20% off your first order. Kliknite tu.

The company is giving away a 12-ounce pouch of organic bone broth to two readers of That Mutt. just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter.

Primalvore Bone Broth Review

Primalvore’s bone broth is made by slowly simmering bones and water for up to 20 hours. This achieves a rich flavor. The company uses bones from certified organic sources. The company also adds organic turmeric and collagen to the broth. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. learn more on Primalvore’s website here.

The broth currently comes in four flavors: free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, duck or free-range turkey. We received the chicken and the beef.

The packages are 12 ounces and resealable (refrigerate after opening). The recommended serving size is about 1 ounce per 10 pounds so I split the pack of 12 ounces between my two 60-pound(ish) dogs. The product is packaged in BPA free standup pouches.

The broth contains no additives or artificial ingredients and is made from human grade ingredients and processed in a USDA/FDA approved facility, Primalvore said. The broth has a shelf life of 18 months.

Cost of Primalvore and ordering info

The cost is $10.99 per 12-ounce pack. They’re currently on sale for $9.99.

Primalvore promo code: Take 20% off your first order with code THATMUTT 


More ways to save:

Get 20% off if you sign up for a subscription.

Order 6 or more pouches and get free shipping.

More info – Primalvore bone broth for dogs

Bone broth is a natural source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Primalvore said it can support mobility, gut health, digestion and a healthy coat and nails.

Bone broth is a supplement that can be fed to your dog between meals or added to your dog’s food. The broth can be mixed in with dry dog food, raw food or cooked food. Or, you can just feed it cold or warm on its own, depending on what your dog prefers.

Primalvore also suggested using the broth to re-hydrate freeze-dried food, and I recommend using it if your dog is a picky eater. It smells yummy!

I like Primalvore’s suggested to use the bone broth as a hydration before or after hikes, long walks or dog sports. since our pup Remy is a distance runner now, clocking 11+ miles in a stretch, we thought this would be healthy treat for him after his Saturday long runs. He loves it!

And our senior dog, well, he enjoys the bone broth too of course!

Primalvore is a new company, and I’m really delighted to be a part of spreading the word about them. The brand’s vision is:

“… to promote carnivorous and healthy eating for our canine companions. The approach is simple: create delicious and functional supplements, meals and treats made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients that are always wholesome, sustainable and human grade. premium ingredients and uncompromising quality are what sets Primalvore ahead of the pack.”

Primalvore video

Here is a video we made about Primalvore:

Ingredients in Primalvore bone broth for dogs

The ingredients in the bone broth are on the website and packaging. As an example, here are the ingredients of the chicken version:

Organic bone broth

Collagen peptides

Organic turmeric

What I like about Primalvore’s bone broth:


Source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins

Supports healthy joints, gut health and shiny coat

Dogs love!

Human grade

Grain free

Vyrobené v USA

Free-range chicken & grass-fed beef

I recommend the Primalvore bone broth for anyone who wants to give their dogs a nutritional boost or a healthy treat. If you feed your dog a homemade raw or homecooked diet, this would be a great supplement to add. If you feed your dog dry food, this is a way to add additional nutrients to his diet. order HERE.


Cost: $10.99 for 12 ounces. (Get 20% off on your first order with code THATMUTT)

This product may not be for you if you’dSkôr si vytvorte svoj vlastný kostný vývar. Nikdy som nevyrobil kosť, ale poznám ľudí, ktorí si ho užívajú pre seba a svojich psov.

Giveaway – Vyhrajte primalvore Bone Both pre svojho psa

Primalvore rozdáva 12-uncové vrecko kostného vývaru dvom čitateľom tejto mutty.

Ak chcete vstúpiť, všetko, čo musíte urobiť, je zanechať komentár nižšie a náhodne vyberiem víťaza v utorok 3.

Ponúkame tiež samostatný darček prostredníctvom našej stránky Instagram. Tieto informácie budú tu k dispozícii veľmi skoro.

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Zaujíma sa váš pes o primalvore kostný vývar pre psov?

Dajte nám vedieť v komentároch. A prosím podeľte sa o tento príspevok s kýmkoľvek, kto by sa mohol zaujímať o Primalvore.

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Domáce recepty na potraviny surového psa

Green Bark Gummies canine treat Giveaway – 10 Winners

Note: This evaluation is sponsored by eco-friendly Bark Gummies as well as Pipeline Pet Products. Kliknite tu.

Leave a comment below for a possibility to win a bag of treats for your canine (10 winners).

What are eco-friendly Bark Gummies?

Green Bark Gummies are healthy, grain-free canine treats.

The treats are soft as well as about the size of a nickel. They are shaped as bit bears as well as look similar to Teddy Grahams crackers if you keep in mind those!

Green Bark Gummies

My thoughts on eco-friendly Bark Gummies:

I’ve been utilizing these treats for about two years since practically all dogs discover them motivating. They work well for keeping the interest of my puppy. I was hiking with him off leash yesterday as well as we came across a rattlesnake on the trail. Needless to say, I was so pleased we had our treats along!

I likewise have a senior canine who likes to pretend he can’t hear me … he’s all of a sudden able to hear whenever I have treats! Weird. ?

Green Bark Gummies are available in a couple varieties including:

Skin & coat (duck or poultry & fish)

Health & Vitality (duck)

Hip & Joint (chicken & fish)

You may keep in mind my past evaluation of eco-friendly Bark Gummies. Today’s new publish is to remind you about these remarkable treats as well as to introduce them to my new readers.

[quote_center]I’ve been utilizing these treats for about two years since practically all dogs discover them motivating.[/quote_center]

Koľko stoja?

Green Bark Gummies are offered on the internet at Pipeline Pet products for $4.99 per 4-ounce bag. This is a truly great deal! I don’t understand where else you can discover such top notch treats for that price.

What’s distinct about the treats?

The essential to eco-friendly Bark Gummies is its patented “NutriCHIA” ingredient, according to the company. NutriCHIA is a sprouted chia ingrained with three kinds of Omega-3 fatty acids in a bioavailable form. This is quickly absorbed without any requirement for the body to convert it.

Chia delivers all the great oils that salmon delivers without heavy metals or contaminants, according to eco-friendly Bark Gummies. It is likewise rich in calcium, iron as well as antioxidants.

Pros of eco-friendly Bark Gummies treats:


No corn, wheat, soy, by-products or synthetic colors

No added sugar

Most dogs discover them extremely motivating!

Healthy ingredients

Soft as well as simple to tear for training

GREAT value. These are top notch treats.



I expect they are a bit smelly (can be a great thing!)

Might be a small bit greasy if you keep them in your pocket, however not bad.

They’re a bit as well little for stuffing into a big Kong toy. They autumn best out.

Would I purchase eco-friendly Bark Gummies?

ÁNO. These are my go-to treats. We were out of treats recently, as well as eco-friendly Bark Gummies was my top option for ordering more. I like to utilize them for training, as well as they are affordable as well as healthy.

Would I suggest the treats to others?

Yes, as training treats. That’s since they are a great value, healthy, soft as well as many dogs discover them motivating. They are not the very best for stuffing into Kong toys (too small) however they’d work well in food-dispensing toys that are developed for dry canine food.

They are offered here.

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Majiteľ domácich miláčikov vs. domáce zviera

Keď som poukázal na to, že môj bývalý pes Foster Pet Dog Cosmo sa daril dobre so svojím novým majiteľom, niekto navrhol, aby som namiesto „majiteľa“ použil slovo „Guardian“.

Možno sa jedného dňa budem nazývať domáceho maznáčika „Guardian“. Nie dnes.

Som si veľmi vedomý slov, ktoré používam na opis svojich vzťahov so svojimi domácimi miláčikmi. Použil som termín „pestúnska mama“ a „psová mama“ a robím to veselo.

Naozaj neverím, že Ace je moje dieťa; Nechcem, aby bol. Neverím, že moji rodičia sú jeho „starí rodičia“, aj keď tento termín používame pre zábavu.

Tieto druhy viery pripravujú eso svojej psej kapucne. Nie je to človek, je to pes. Vie, že je pes, a je potešený, že je pes!

Mačka „Guardian“? Ha!

Moje mačky sú ešte lepším príkladom.

Veľmi milujem svoje mačky a jednou z vecí, ktoré na nich milujem, je ich divočina. Nezávisia na mne, aspoň nie toľko, ako by som si chcel myslieť. Mnoho mačiek mohlo prežiť bez ľudí v pohode.

Beamer je pozostalý. Čisté zviera.

Keď potrebujem kontrolu reality, pozerám sa na neho.

Beamer ma nepotrebuje. Nie som jeho strážca. Keby mohol pochopiť toto vyhlásenie, pravdepodobne by zdvorilo prepletal okolo mojich členkov a povedal: „Ó, ty chudobný človek. Je to v poriadku.”

Keď bol Lieamer povolený vonku, chytil a zabil všetky druhy malých zvierat – zajačiky, myši, móly, vtáky. Bol by preč celé dni, dokonca aj v januári. Mysleli sme si, že spal v okenných studniach, pod automobilmi alebo sa nachádzal do iných domovov.

Teraz žijeme v oblasti, v ktorej musia byť naše mačky v interiéri alebo dôkladne pod dohľadom vonku. Myslím, že sme v tomto zmysle ich „strážcovia“.

Viem, že Beamer bol oveľa šťastnejší, keď mu bolo dovolené túlať sa. Bol bezplatný, aby lovil, behal a lezal a mal sex, poškriabanie a zabíjanie. Teším sa na deň, keď vstúpime do krajiny, aby moje mačky mohli byť opäť vonku. Dúfam, že sa to stane skôr ako neskôr.


Na druhej strane môj Mutt Ace je od mňa veľmi závislý. Možno to je dôvod, prečo ľudia veria, že sú strážcami svojich psov. Láska, ktorú cítim pre eso, je iná ako láska, ktorú mám k svojim mačkám, a myslím si, že je to kvôli tejto závislosti na mne. V tomto zmysle som ako jeho opatrovník.

V inom zmysle je však Ace môj strážca.

Keď Josh, Ace a ja sme mimo batohu, Ace nás bude držať v dohľade, aj keď sa oddeľujeme. Ak Josh pripravuje stan a ja som mimo zhromažďovania dreva alebo fotografujem, Ace bude sedieť niekde uprostred a užívať si nás. Ak stromy blokujú jeho pohľad, bude medzi nami cestovať tam a späť. Rád si myslím, že sa teší pre svoje balenie, ale neviem, čo skutočne robí.

Stáva sa to často, ale občas, keď sme vonku neskoro v noci alebo skoro v temných ranných hodinách, Ace bude špehovať alebo cítiť temnú postavu a zavrčať. Možno sa bojí. Možno ma chráni. Možno sa len chráni. Neviem.

Bojoval by Ace za mňa? Neviem. Bojoval by som za neho? Už to robím.

Budem naďalej robiť všetko, čo môžem, pre tohto psa psa po zvyšok jeho života. Je v mnohých spôsoboch môj najlepší priateľ. Číta ma, ako to nemôže nikto iný. Predpovedá moje pohyby, zdá sa, že moje frustrácie čítajú moju myseľ.

Možno je súčasťou môjho problému s pojmom „Guardian Pet Guardian“, že Ace je lepšia. Nie som jeho strážca. Sme partnermi v trestnej činnosti.

Čo je legálne, čo je strážca domácich miláčikov?

„Pet Guardian“, ktorý sa používa ako právny pojem, je pokus o zmenu vzťahu spoločnosti s spoločnými zvieratami. Myšlienka je, že by sme nemali vlastniť ďalšie živé stvorenie. To všetko znie pekne, ale legálne to nie je také jednoduché. To, čo skutočne robí, je odstrániť práva majiteľov domácich miláčikov.

Ako majiteľ domáceho maznáčika mám slobodu rozhodnúť sa, čo je pre svojich domácich miláčikov najlepšie. As a pet guardian that freedom is taken away. Možnosti sú pre mňa urobené.

Podľa súdneho systému sa vyžaduje, aby konal „Guardian“ Pet „Guardian“. Takže ak sa niekto rozhodne, že nekonáte v najlepšom záujme vášho domáceho maznáčika, budete nútení konať podľa toho.

Myslíte si, že sa na vás tieto situácie nikdy nevzťahujú? I wouldn’t be so sure.

What about when you face decisions about euthanasia? The choice may be made for you. What if you decide to kennel your pet dog during the day to keep him safe? Not going to happen if the court makes a decision this is not “best” for your dog. What if you decide to use a choke collar? What if you want to tie your pet dog in the yard for an hour? allow him to stick his head out the window of your car? allow him off leash?

As someone who works in the pet industry as a pet sitter and pet dog walker, these examples are scary. If pet owners are no longer owners but “guardians” I can only think of what my insurance costs will be. I can only think of the lawsuits that vets, boarding kennels and groomers could potentially face. costs will go up for everyone, and there will no longer be such veľká škála služieb domácich miláčikov. Bude to príliš riziko pre majiteľov služieb.

Chápem, kde sa ľudia rozhodnú pre celý koncept „Guardian“. Nie som si istý, či chcem byť jeho súčasťou.

Verím v humánny život pre každé zviera, nielen psy. Verím, že ľudia musia zaobchádzať so zvieratami s rešpektom a dôstojnosťou a láskavosťou. To nenaznačuje, že sa k nim zaobchádza ako s ľuďmi alebo za predpokladu, že naše emócie sú ich emócie. Znamená to uznanie za zvieratá, ktoré sú.

Loose-Leash Walking: Dni 7-8

Ace a ja sme sa zamierili do parku Lindenwood vo Fargo v sobotu na veľmi potrebnú prechádzku. Musíme tam jazdiť, ale je to len pár kilometrov.

Myslel som, že tento park bude pre Ace dobrý, pretože je plný stromov a veveričiek, a on tam bol len niekoľkokrát. Mutt dostal nejaký kvalitný čas čuchania.

Aj keď bolo také chladné, bol som šokovaný, že som celú hodinu prešiel iba dvoma ľuďmi, keď sme boli vonku. Ace podpätko bez vodítka, keď sa k nám blížil bežec a potom k chodcovi.

Nezaslúžil som na ňom 100 percent, aby som zostal v pozícii na päte, ale veril som mu, že neskáka alebo prenasleduje. Na moje prekvapenie zostal v polohe na päte a sotva sa pozrel na ľudí. dobrý chlapec!

Bol by to ďalší príbeh, keby niekto z ľudí mal psy alebo sa rozhodli uznať mutt. Namiesto toho nás ignorovali a pokračovali v ceste. Samozrejme by som orezal vodítko späť na eso, keby boli zapojení nejakí psi.

Jedným z dôvodov, prečo sa Ace podpätky dobre z vodítka, je to, že si zo mňa nemôže vyzdvihnúť žiadne napäté signály zo mňa cez vodítko.

Majitelia (vrátane mňa!) Niekedy predvídajú správanie psa a neúmyselne vytiahnú alebo utiahnú vodítko skôr, ako domáci pes dokonca urobí niečo zlé. To všetko je, aby domáceho maznáčika bolo oveľa viac znepokojené a povzbudzuje ju, aby vytiahla alebo vypadla.

Pokiaľ ide o Ace, urobil na našej prechádzke oveľa lepšie, ako som čakal. Rozišiel som to do častí päty na vodítku a na päte z vodítka.

Páči sa mi, že ma domáceho maznáčika chodí po mojej boku, ale je tu tiež niečo úžasné, keď si užívam psa psa, ktorý sa blíži, len je psom. Preto som odmenil eso časom na beh.

Vždy sa uistite, že mu zavolám každých pár minút, keď beží, a potom ho prepustí ideálne, takže sa nespája, ktorý sa mi týka, keď sa vráti na vodítko.

Strávili sme tiež nejaký čas hraním načítania. Bol som šokovaný, že aj keď som dovolil, aby Ace bol „slobodný“, radšej chodil po mojej strane veľa času. To pre neho nie je normálne, takže dúfam, že sa moja prax vyplatila a nebol to len prednisón.

Nikdy sme sa nedostali do parku pre psov Pet Dog, pretože potom, čo sme opustili Lindenwood, sme boli obaja príliš chladní na to, aby sme robili oveľa iného.

Nútil som eso nosiť svoju vestu, z ktorej nebol nadšený. Ale keď je zima von, triasne sa bez toho. Je to na hovno pre čiernych psov s krátkymi vlasmi. V zime sú vždy chladné, ale v lete horúce.

Loose Newfoundland Canine sa vyhýba zachyteniu oveľa viac ako šesť mesiacov

, ak by som videl tento psík v lese, vystrašilo by ma to.

Nie preto, že psí psia sú priemerné, ale kvôli jeho (alebo jej?) Veľkosti! Pravdepodobne by som ho spočiatku pomýlil za medveďa.

Podľa WZZM News v Grand Rapids v štáte Michigan sa okolo susedstva v Michigane putuje okolo susedstva v Michigane viac ako šesť mesiacov, napriek niekoľkým pokusom o jeho zachytenie.

Susedstvo sa nachádza v Cascade Township, juhovýchodne od Grand Rapids.

Hovoria psa za Newfoundland a hovoria, že pes je veľmi plachý a vyhýba sa ľuďom.

Obyvatelia nazývajú psom „shaggy“.

Joe Daineles, supervízor s kontrolou zvierat, povedal WZZM, že sa urobili desiatky pokusov, aby sa pokúsili zajať psa. Pokúsili sa použiť živé pasce a návnady a dokonca požiadali veterinárneho lekára zoo, aby pomohli pomocou upokojujúcich prostriedkov.

Obyvatelia sa tiež pokúsili spoznať so psom priateľov a rôzne záchranné organizácie sa ho tiež pokúsili chytiť, podľa WZZM.

Všetko bez šťastia.

Akonáhle je „Shaggy“ konečne zachytený, plánuje sa ubezpečiť, že (alebo ona?) Je zdravý a potom ho preniesť do skupiny, ktorá mu pomôže nájsť domov, podľa WZZM.

Som si istý, že bude mať veľa žiadateľov, pretože znie ako celkom miestna celebrita.

Celý príbeh tu.

Pomohli ste niekedy zachytiť putujúci psa?

How to get A dog to Tolerate nail Trims—5 tips

Every morning when I wipe off Baxter’s feet after our very first walk of the day, I clip two toenails.

This is an incredible accomplishment.

The truth that I can clip two nails (two!), that I can do it every day, that I can do it by myself—there were moments when I wasn’t sure we might get here.Bax hates having his nails clipped. When we very first got him, my other half as well as I went to clip his nails as well as he freaked out. We believed we must be doing something wrong. We called my good friend who’s a vet tech, as well as she offered to show us exactly how to do it properly.

That nail trimming session included Baxter pinned to the ground thrashing as well as growling as well as snapping. The leash was wrapped around his jaw as a makeshift muzzle. It took both Matt as well as I to hold him down while my good friend clipped his nails.

Bolo to hrozné.

But that was what a vet tech—a professional—did, so we figured that must be exactly how it goes. Some dogs just don’t like getting their nails clipped. Matt as well as I went out as well as gotten a appropriate muzzle, as well as every month we had a wrestling match with Baxter.

Everyone was stressed on nail cutting day, Baxter most of all. I lastly decided I wasn’t going to do that to him anymore.

How to get a dog to tolerate nail trims

I started a campaign of desensitization.

For a few minutes every day, I touched his feet. I stroked his legs, touched his feet, taken a look at his toes, tapped his nails, held his foot. daily for about two weeks.

I should state right here that we don’t do a great deal of treat training, so food benefits were not part of my desensitization plan. Our fitness instructor (whom we did seek advice from about Bax’s off the wall toe nail reaction) is adamantly against treat training, so we’ve never gotten in the habit of utilizing treats.

After the desensitization session, Bax would get a massage, which he loves, or scratches in all his much-loved places.

After the touchy-feely time had gone on for awhile, I added the clippers. I let him see as well as sniff the clippers. I touched his legs as well as feet with them.

Get a new, sharp clippers for your dog on Amazon here!

Then I progressed to tapping his nails with the clippers. Again, this went on for about a week as well as each session was complied with by massage.

Then I started putting his nail in the jaw of the clippers. I was holding his foot the method I would when I cut the nail. The clippers were touching him the method they would.

I restrained myself from trying to cut a nail, no matter exactly how calm he seemed.

Eventually after weeks of my desensitization campaign, I clipped a nail. There was jerking as well as growling as well as screaming (seriously, you should hear this dog scream).

I hadn’t hit the quick or hurt him. He was fine. He was just upset. I scratched his neck—his preferred spot—and he calmed down. We left it at one nail as well as went on with our day.

Desensitization continued, as well as I tried one more nail. His reaction was the same. There was one point where Bax put his teeth on me difficult sufficient to bruise my hand.

I didn’t provide up as well as persisted with touching his feet, tapping his nails, massaging as well as scratching him as well as clipping one toe nail every morning.

Slowly, Baxter calmed down. He’s still not perfect. We’re as much as clipping two toe nails every morning. I try not to push it more than that.

Sometimes there’s a reaction of a grumble or a squeal, however there is no more snapping as well as no more meltdowns.

I’ve clipped as well short a couple of times as well as hit the quick. These occurrences haven’t seemed to set us back at all. Bax will let me swab his nail as well as hold it up until the bleeding stops.

Over time, the setting that Baxter is most comfortable in has changed.

At first, he was calmest in a sit with me choosing his paws up in front of him. He seemed less anxious about having his front nails clipped than his backs.

Now, he stands every morning, as well as I bend his paws back under him to ensure that he can’t see. When I clip his back feet, he sometimes doesn’t react at all—I like it when that happens.

Order a new nail clippers on Amazon here.

Baxter is still a bit sensitive about his feet. I would never ask him to let somebody else cut his toenails. I feel like Baxter has come to trust me around his toenails, as well as we’ve discovered a routine that works for both of us.

Five tips for cutting a dog’s toenails:

1. Don’t rush it. There’s no ruleTo uvádza, že musíte znížiť všetky prstene na nechty v jednej relácii. Klip len jeden necht deň-alebo každý druhý deň. Objavte, čo funguje pre vás, rovnako ako váš pes.

2. Začnite málo s riadením nôh vášho psa, ako aj nohu. Dostaňte ho využitím na strihače, váš rukoväť, ako aj zdá sa zdá.

3. Buďte pokojní. Môžete byť znepokojení presne tak, ako váš pes bude reagovať, avšak, ak môžete byť pokojný, je pravdepodobnejší, že bude pokojný.

Zistili sme, že moja druhá polovica nebráni pokojnú energiu, pokiaľ ide o orezávanie nechtov. Pripomeňte si, že sú to len nechty. Ak dnes nefunguje, skúsiš sa znova zajtra (pozri # 1 vyššie).

Ak chcete hovoriť, urobte to v mäkkom hlasu. Objavil som šum s shhhhom.

4. Vyskúšajte rôzne pozície. Mať svoj pes stojaci, sedieť, ležať. Skúste držať nohy vpredu alebo stočte pod. Zaplatiť záujem, kde sa zdá, že váš pes je najpohodlnejší.

5. Využite odmenu, aby partnerským orezaním nechtu s niečím pozitívnym. Dbajte na to, ako aj jedlo sú zrejmé odmeny, ale to môže fungovať. Dotyk je silný komunikátor so psami. Miešanie v masáži alebo poškriabaní vášho psa vo svojej veľkoobľúbenej oblasti môže zvýšiť vašu väzbu.

Ako váš pes zvládne orezávanie nechtov?

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