How to keep the dog out of the Cat’s Litter Box

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have any type of of you had this problem?

We didn’t nickname our dog Ace “The Turd Burglar” for nothing.

Ace was on medication years back that made him hungry all the time, and we commonly caught him browsing in the litter box for “sand biscuits.” (Update: Ace has passed away.)

We got our dog to stop getting into the litter box by:

1. utilizing a covered litter box.

2. putting the litter box in a corner, dealing with the corner.

3. putting up a moderate barricade or obstacle. I believe we just utilized a suitcase or a little chair, however you might likewise utilize a infant gate.

By doing those things, the cats might still quickly get to their bathroom, however it was not as simple for Mr. Turd Burglar.

Thankfully, the habit ultimately went away. It assisted that Ace was weaned off the medication (prednisone).

Other tips for keeping a dog out of the cat’s litter box

Scoop the litter box more commonly (come on, you understand you should anyway!).

Feed your dog a top notch diet plan so he gets all the protein as well as nutrients he needs.

Increase your dog’s exercise (physically as well as mentally) so he’s tired as well as not bored.

Kennel/crate your dog when you can’t supervise.

Keep the litter box in a space you can block off from your dog with the cats in it (laundry space or bathroom).

Firmly tell your dog “no” when caught in the act. Yes, it’s okay to tell a dog no!

When stating “no” doesn’t work

If you’ve tried ignoring inappropriate habits as well as rewarding great habits as well as it’s just not working, right here are some other concepts to try.

1. Use a squirt bottle full of water to squirt at your dog when she steps towards the litter box.

2. Try the Pet Corrector, which shoots air at the dog. Or the Doggie Don’t, which makes a loud, static noise dogs don’t like.

3. If all else fails, you might try utilizing a shock collar (e-collar) with a remote.

Oh My Gawd?! A shock collar?!

Áno. I’m not stating this is what you necessarily should do. I’m stating it’s an option, depending upon the circumstance as well as exactly how terribly you want to break this habit.

I will commonly suggest a shock collar to stop a dog from eating poop in the yard, which is a typical issue that’s difficult to stop.

Sure, I suggest you try positive reinforcement first, however sometimes that’s not sufficient or sometimes the owner just isn’t able to be patient sufficient or consistent enough.

For example, if the dog is eating poop in the yard, my very first suggestion would be to go outside in the lawn with the dog every single time he goes out.

Well, some people are just not willing or not able to do that, however sometimes they’re able to stand at a window as well as watch, prepared to provide a correction with the shock collar.

You have to do what works for you as well as your dog, as well as I believe getting a correction or two is much better than the dog eating poop its whole life.

But let me understand what you believe as well as exactly how you would solve this problem.

What concepts do you have for keeping a dog out of the cat’s litter box?

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