Does it take longer for black dogs to get adopted?


Does it take longer for black dogs to get adopted?

Black dogs might have a harder time getting adopted simply because of their color. This logic mostly applies to big, black dogs. and also black cats. I’ve written about the topic before on this blog and for other publications.

But lately as I look at the black appeal sleeping at my feet I wonder if this “black pet dog syndrome” really exists.

Are black dogs genuinely harder to place into homes? Or is “black pet dog syndrome” another animal sheltering myth? Is it a way for us rescue volunteers to put the blame on the public?

“It’s not our fault he hasn’t been adopted yet,” a shelter volunteer might say. “No one wants a big, black dog.”

Shelters and rescues are not doing black dogs any good by spreading these negative messages.

People want to hear positive messages. Something like, “Did you know our rescue saved 100 black dogs from the pound last year? We have 20 black beauties waiting to be adopted today.”

Positive energy goes a long way.

The problem with “black pet dog syndrome” is not whether it exists – it very well might. The problem is how shelter and rescue workers don’t even question it.

There are no professional statistics to back up “black pet dog syndrome.” (If you have some, show me.) Black pet dog syndrome is nothing a lot more than an urban legend.

Questioning big, black pet dog syndrome

Do people really seek out lighter-colored dogs? identified dogs?

Is the American dream to own a golden retriever or a golden lab?

I don’t think so.

The KC pet dog blog did a great job questioning this very issue of “black pet dog syndrome.” It asks: Could it be that it seems like shelters are full of black dogs because there are so lots of of them in the first place?

We do know, for example, that the Labrador is the most popular breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. It has been the most popular breed for years. Not only that, but black is the most common color for Labs because black is a dominant gene for the breed.

It’s safe to say the black lab is the most popular pet dog in the United States.

People are obtaining their black labs somewhere. maybe rescues and shelters need to work harder to compete with breeders, pet shops and people re-homing their dogs. There is absolutely a demand for black labs. We need to step up our game.

How to help black dogs get adopted

For the sake of argument, let’s just assume black dogs are harder to get adopted. If that is the case, then it’s just a reason for rescues and shelters to try harder.

That indicates making it much easier for people to adopt by getting these big, black dogs out into public each day of the week, lowering adoption fees and using adoptions during convenient hours. getting rid of the “home visit” would also make adopting a lot more appealing.

Rescues must offer minimized adoption fees on any long-term animals, regardless of color.

They must offer adoption specials on black animals for at least a month each year.

They could also create a fun photo contest with judges to see who can get the best pictures of the black dogs up for adoption. That could be a lot of fun!

A costume contest for black dogs could also make an entertaining fundraiser.

Obstacles for big, black dogs


There are, of course, certain points I just can’t argue.

Black dogs are absolutely harder to photograph.

This is not an excuse, though. It just indicates shelters need to make sure to get better photos of the black dogs. It’s not that hard to get a good photo of a black pet dog outside with good lighting. I do this every day.

Another aspect is that black family pets have a distinguished look even if they have just a hint of gray. They look old. few people want to adopt old dogs. Right, Cosmo? „

It certainly does seem like black dogs and cats are overlooked. I’ve known lots of black dogs locally that waited years to get adopted. There are also black cats in our local shelters that have been waiting for homes just as long.

I chose a “big, black dog” from a local rescue to sponsor, and I hope to sponsor another big, black pet dog after this sweet kid named Dex gets adopted.

Nearly every shelter, pound or rescue worker I speak to will back up “black pet dog syndrome” based on her experience that black dogs do get adopted last.

Some shelters will even kill black animals as swiftly as they legally are allowed because they “know they won’t be adopted.” Why waste money on a pet dog that will sit in the shelter for months? It’s better to “euthanize” and open up space for “more adoptable” animals.

That’s just as bad as killing a healthy pet dog (of any color) based solely on her breed.

My black mutt

Whether big, black dogs are genuinely harderAby sa adoptovali alebo nie, majú v mojom srdci zvláštne miesto. Milujem svoje veľké, čierne Mutt Ace. Čierna je krásna. Priťahujú ma čierne psy a mačky. Elegantné čierne psy bývajú mojimi obľúbenými. Som „Čierny psík psov“.

Keď príde čas, aby som si adoptoval iného psa, budem mať ťažko neprijať „čierny laboratórny mix“, ktorý vyzerá presne ako eso.

Moja „čierna perla“. Môj ohromujúci chlapec.


How is Ace Doing? PetVi Probiotics Are assisting My dog #Giveaway

Note: That Mutt as well as PetVi Nutrition have partnered to bring you this post.

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My senior mutt Ace has had a rough couple of months healthwise.

The bad guy now has 5 draining skin lesions on different areas of his body.

He’s been wearing a cone collar for 7.5 months, as well as he’s had so many different kinds of antibiotics that his digestive system is really out of whack.

Ace was originally diagnosed with a “foreign body” back in November when there was only one draining wound. now that he has 5 wounds we ruled out “foreign body” as well as his dermatologist (yep, he has his own dermatologist) says this is likely an autoimmune disease, meaning his own body is attacking healthy cells.

Ace just started a new medication (Atopica) to ideally stop his body from attacking itself. It’s as well soon to tell if it’s working. We might truly utilize your positive thoughts now.

How PetVi has helped my dog Ace

One thing Ace’s vets tell me is it’s great to keep him on a probiotic supplement during this time around since of all the antibiotics he’s been on. That’s where PetVi has been helpful.

PetVi is a nutritional supplement for dogs as well as cats formulated to restore as well as preserve the pet’s gut health, according to the company. The product includes pre as well as probiotics as well as is designed to assist boost the pet’s immune system.

A issue with antibiotics is they can likewise ruin the “good” bacteria in a dog’s gut together with the “bad” bacteria. providing probiotics to a dog on antibiotics can help bring back that great bacteria.

Since my dog has been having an upset stomach because of all the antibiotics, we decided to keep him on a probiotic at the exact same time. However, you would want to discuss this with your pup’s vet because sometimes it may be finest to provide the probiotic after the dog is with the antibotics.

PetVi’s probiotic supplement can likewise assist dogs with:

Svrbivá pokožka

Excessive shedding

Zápach z úst

Use code THATMUTT to save $2 per supplement
A couple of my readers’ dogs have likewise tried PetVi

Thank you to our “taste testers” who have likewise had a possibility to try PetVi’s supplements along with Ace. checked out what the dogs’ owners have to state below.

You can also win a prize pack of treats as well as supplements for your dog. just leave a comment below as well as you’re entered! Kliknite tu.

Some readers’ feedback:

Daizie as well as Anya

“I utilized Petvi a few years on my dog Daizie as well as it worked excellent however had stopped utilizing it. A few months back she started throwing up as well as getting upset tummy on a routine basis. I told my other half that I was tired of her feeling so poor as well as that I was going to buy a few of the PetVi as well as begin her back on it. It’s been about two months as well as she has yet to have a upset tummy or throw up.

“I bought the hip as well as joint formula since she is getting old, 7 years old, as well as seems to have helped. Can’t truly tell cause she is in excellent health and wellness however if it works for joints like it does for her digestive system then I am sure it will remedy any type of joint issues.

[quote_center]”I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a bit better.”[/quote_center]

“My youngsters have a dog, Anya. She is a German shepherd mix. She scratches a great deal as well as sheds like a beast. The PetVi that I won in your contest was for her. I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a bit better.”  – Stacey


“Zeus most definitely enjoys the additional topping on his kibble. In fact, I get ‘the look’ from him if I don’t add the powder.

“And his physical response? exactly how do I put this delicately? His system is working much better since his poop is no longer soft as well as mushy. It is well-formed, solid logs. Makes clean up so much easier! The PetVi is the only thing I changed. I presume this means his gut is more properly balanced, something I have been working on for a long time.

“Next step, his itchy skin as well as resulting obsessive licking which has not improved while utilizing PetVi. Zeus obviously has more than his share of food as well as allergy issues. He is a work in progress.”  – Linda

Cleo and Baby

“I am noticing a huge difference in their behavior, however it isn’t showing as such on the outside yet. They like ton. Ak položim svoju misku s jedlom bez toho, aby som na ňu doplnil, pohľad na mňa, potom na misku. Budem vyžadovať, aby som si objednal viac, pretože sú na to úplne závislí. “ – Norma (na obrázku je jej pes Cleo. Dieťa nie je zobrazené.)

Ak by nejaký typ vašich psov alebo mačiek chcel byť uvedený v mojom ďalšom príspevku Petvi, pošlite e -mail

Giveaway – Vyhrajte cenu balíček od Petvi Nutrition

Petvi poskytuje zábavný zväzok svojho doplnku + probiotické pochúťky 5 šťastným návštevníkom tejto Mutt.

*Gratulujeme víťazom Sylv, Jessica, Patti, Christina a Scott W.


Len zanechajte komentár nižšie. Ktorý z vašich domácich miláčikov by podľa vás mohol mať úžitok z produktov spoločnosti Petvi?

V utorok 17. mája vyberiem náhodne päť víťazov. Na výhru musí mať adresu v USA alebo kanadskej poštovej adrese.

Ak už váš domáci miláčik musel tieto výrobky ochutnať, stále môžete ísť do darčekov a potenciálne vyhrať viac.

Zanechajte komentár rovnako dobre, ako ste v!

Ktorý z vašich domácich miláčikov by ste podľa vás mali prospech z doplnkov spoločnosti Petvi?

Len mi dovoľte pochopiť v komentároch!

Súvisiace príspevky:

Petvi výživa

Pôvodná diagnóza „cudzieho tela“ Ace

Podpíšte rovnako, ako získajte tipy na výcvik Mutt a ďalšie v mojom bulletine dvakrát týždenne:


Aww, zvieratá môžu byť takým trhajúcim sa žiarením

Zvieratá s nejakým označením správania len preto, že sú roztomilé. Páči sa mi, ako tiger tlačí druhého tigra do vody. Normálne správanie mačiek. „

V našom dome sa mačky milujú, aby zaútočili na nášho 70-librového domáceho psa, takže nemôže vstúpiť do určitých miestností, pokiaľ ho „nezachránime“. Moja šedá tabby mačka môže byť tiež skutočným kreténom, ktorý úmyselne klepal na poháre vody len preto, že môže.

Aké sú nezbedné veci, ktoré robia vaši rodinní domáci miláčikovia? Sú také zlé ako zvieratá v tomto videu?


Mal by som dostať domáce zdravie a wellness poistenie pre môjho psa?

Poznámka: Toto je hosť z Jon Dunkerly na

Zdravie pre domácnosť a wellness poistné krytie sa môžu zdať triviálne pre väčšinu domácich psov, ako aj majitelia mačacích majiteľov, avšak, keď sa k nej dostane, že mesačný pokles kontajnera môže byť ziskom aspekt, keď sa týka typu lekárskej starostlivosti Vaša rodina domáce zvieratá sa dostanú, keď požiadajú.

Po tom, čo som mal psov pre väčšinu môjho života, som stratil stopu o počte, keď som sedel vo veternej čakacej miestnosti, prekračoval prsty, rovnako ako modlite sa k svojmu vlastnému Bohu, že môj milý pes pes prežije jeho najavo na chorobu. V rovnakom čase som sa čudoval, či budem môcť zaplatiť za astronomické náklady, určite sa dostanem v dôsledku liečby.

Len prechádzky do čakajúceho priestoru OVP má nabité, rovnako ako keď pridáte, že na náklady spojené s možným lekárskym postupom, liekmi, ako aj možnosť nasledovania návštev, môžete pobozkať ten skvelý víkend dovolenka von z freaken okna . Sakra, môžete pobozkať akýkoľvek druh druhu high-end okno. Psy sa chorí ako my, avšak na rozdiel od nás nie sú zodpovední za zaplatenie vlastných účtov. My sme!

Takže to, čo presne je PET poistenie?

Je to eso v diere, že každý si želá, aby to však tak málo majiteľov domácich zvierat! Podobne k inému rozvoju poistenia, ako je napríklad pre vaše vozidlo alebo domov, domáce zdravotné a wellness poistné krytie je trochu bezpečnostná deka, ak budete. Výmenou za mesačnú prémiu, ktorú odrody v závislosti od typu ochrany, ktorú chcete, získate lekársku ochranu pre rôzne lekárske procedúry. Existuje veľa rôznych požiadaviek na poistenie PET poistenca, s – YUP ste uhádli to – oveľa nákladnejšie plány pokrývajúce oveľa nákladnejšie lekárske postupy, ako aj poskytovateľnejšie plány, ktoré nepokrývajú tie oveľa nákladnejšie postupy. SOCK, K dispozícii sú aj plány pre seniorov.

Pred nákupom PET poistného krytia pre svojho psa, budete absolútne chcieť urobiť vašu výskumnú štúdiu do rôznych podnikov, ktoré ponúkajú plány, snáď s vaším veterinárom, aby ste sa uistili, že si vyberiete najvhodnejší plán pre vlastné okolnosti, takže nebudete musieť domov úver vášho domu po ceste zaplatiť, že veterinár.

Napríklad, ak vlastníte retriever labrador, ako som robil (pozri pekné Lars na obrázku!), Je tu dosť veľká možnosť, že dlhý čas, alebo ešte jeden, že sakra pet pes bude jesť niečo, čo by nemalo, čo viedlo k Mad pomlčka pre veterinára pre skvelé OL ‘bruško pump! Áno, máš ma, to došlo k mne predtým, ako aj následné brušné čerpadlo výdavkov mi úžasné $ 800, keď všetko bolo vykonané, rovnako ako poprášený!

Mnohí majitelia domácich zvierat cítia, že nemôžu platiť za mesačné poistné poistenie pre domáce zvieratá, avšak keď rozbijete svoje mesačné náklady oveľa častejšie, než si rozpoznáte presne, ako ste zle. Zastavte sa na jednu sekundu, rovnako ako verte o niečom, čokoľvek, čo si kúpite na rutinnom základe, že rozumiete sakramentsky dobre platíte, že platíte aj veľa peňazí. Osobne som s najväčšou pravdepodobnosťou zaplatil za veľa rokov rokov ochrany poistného poistenia v priebehu rokov v predraženej káve, avšak keď sa vám páči veci, rovnako ako ja, neposkytujete druhú vernosť, koľko peňazí, ktoré ste strácali na to.

Nabudúce ste v kancelárii VET, pozrite sa na pult top alebo koncový stôl, ako budete určite objavovať brožúry, ktoré načrtávajú na poistné plány poistencov používané rôznymi spoločnosťami. Opýtajte sa veľkého obavy, aby ste sa uistili, že ste si dobre vedomí toho, čo prihlasujete, rovnako ako nepamätajte si, že si nepamätajte, aby ste si skontrolovali jemnú tlač. Majte na pamäti, aby ste sa opýtali na veľké množstvo otázok, ako veľa požiadavky, pretože keď sa vzťahuje na poistenie pre domáce zvieratá, nie je úžasná otázka!

A čo ty? Máte poistenie pre domáce zvieratá?

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Mighty Paw Treat Houch Review and Giveaway

Poznámka: Tento príspevok sponzoruje spoločnosť Mighty Paw, spoločnosť, ktorá navrhuje produkty, ktoré uľahčujú chodenie vášho psa. Použite kód: MP20mutt pre 20% zľavu na všetko v obchode Amazon!

Čo je to Mighty Paw Treat Petouch?

Mighty Paw Treat Petch je vrecko na šnúrku, ktorá dokáže držať pochúťky, hračku, vrecká na hovno, kľúče, telefón alebo iné veci, keď ste so svojím psom.

Vrecko sa dodáva s reflexným pásom, takže ho môžete nosiť okolo pásu a udržať si ruky voľné. Vrecko má na prednej a zadnej strane dve samostatné vrecká, okrem oblasti ošetrenia – ktoré drží 2 šálky pochúťok.

(Dostal som tiež samostatný držiak vrecka s mocnou labkou a mocné vodítko s 6-noha s čalúnenou rukoväťou.)

Mighty Paw Treat Houch Review

Moje myšlienky na Mighty Paw Treat Petouch:

S Baxterom nerobíme veľa liečby, ale považoval som za liečebné puzdro, ktoré nám pomôže pracovať na jeho stiahnutí.

Keď sme testovali toto puzdro na ošetrenie, mali sme veľký úspech jednu rannú prechádzku, keď ho rozptyľovali šušťanie v stromoch – „Možno je to mýval!“

Zavolal som ho ku mne, hneď prišiel a bol som schopný ho rýchlo odmeniť báječným zážitkom. Normálne by sa táto situácia zmenila na vojnu s vodítkom.

Aj keď ho nepoužívam na dobroty, vrecko bolo také cenné pre všetky ostatné veci, ktoré nosím so sebou na túre. Nikdy necestujem svetlo. Minimálne mám telefón, kľúče a hovno vrecká. Mighty Paw Treat Petouch mi dal miesto na uloženie všetkého bez toho, aby som preťažil vrecká.

Vrecko na ošetrenie môže byť cenné pre prácu na tréningu, keď ste vonku, alebo povzbudzujete svojho psa, aby zostal blízko pri vodítku.

Aké sú náklady na vrecko na ošetrenie Mighty Paw?

Mighty Paw Treat Pames je 17,95 dolárov prostredníctvom svojho obchodu Amazon.

Použite kód: MP20mutt pre 20% zľavu na všetky produkty Mighty Paw.

Objednať tu
Čo je jedinečné na vrecku Mighty Paw Treat?

Nemám veľa skúseností s vreckami na liečbu, ale zdá sa, že Mighty Paw venuje pozornosť malým detailom, ktoré môžu život uľahčiť.

Vrecko aj pás majú ďalšie slučky, kde môžete priviazať na kľúče, držiak vrecka na hovno alebo iné predmety. Predné vrecko má „zásuvku“ na pretiahnutie vreciek na hovno.

Celkovo sa zdá, že taška a pás sú spoľahlivé a odolného materiálu. Je opísaný ako odolný voči poveternostným vplyvom, hoci sme to nekonali na test, a na opasku je reflexné šitie.

Výhody Mighty Paw Treat Petouch:

Mať doby

Nie príliš veľký, nie príliš malý – dosť na to, aby držal všetko, čo potrebujete na prechádzku so svojím psom, ale nie príliš objemný, že je ťažký alebo sa mu dostane do cesty

Extra vrecká obsahujú dôležité položky, ako sú klávesy alebo váš telefón, a oddeľte ich od dobrotov

Umývateľný (aj keď som použil ziplo vo vnútri vrecka na držanie pochúťok)

Robustné materiály a dobre vyrobené

Udržuje vaše ruky voľné na chôdzu, beh alebo držitie vodítka


Vrchná časť šnúrky nebude udržiavať liečby čerstvé. Takže by ste to mali vyprázdniť po prechádzkach (alebo použiť zips, ako som to urobil).

Pásový pás je nastaviteľný od 26-42 “, takže ak ste nad alebo pod týmto meraním, možno budete potrebovať alternatívu.

Kvôli všetkým ďalším slučkám a háčikom na pásovom páse trvalo trochu času, kým sa prispôsobenie stalo. Takže by som navrhol, že je to jedna osoba, jeden vrecko na opasok (pokiaľ ste vy a váš kolegovia Walker máte rovnakú veľkosť – môj manžel a ja nie).

Kúpil by som si Mighty Paw Treat Petouch?

Áno. Kúpil by som si Mighty Paw Treat Petouch. S množstvom turistiky, ktoré robíme, vždy hľadám niečo, čo by držalo „Baxterove„ veci “. Toto vrecko to robí ľahko.

Odporučil by som si Mighty Paw Treat Petouch pre ostatných?

Áno. Mighty Paw Treat Pames je dobrá voľba, ak vykonávate veľa liečby. Je to rozumná veľkosť a ľahko sa prenáša. Aj keď ho nepoužívate na dobroty, je cenné držať nejaké malé predmety, keď ste so svojím psom.

Giveaway – Win a free Mighty Paw treat pouch (5 winners)

Mighty Paw is giving away a treat pouch to five lucky readers. (Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.)

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below to let us know how a treat pouch would make your life easier.

Lindsay will choose five winners at random on Friday Sept. 16.

How would the Mighty Paw treat pouch make your life easier?

Let us know in the comments!

Julia Thomson is a regular contributor to That Mutt.


Psy mazlí sa s mačkami (10 fotografií)

Psov sa mazlí s mačkami

Šťastná sobota, všetci!

Keďže je to v skutočnosti sobota, naznačuje to, že je čas na ďalšie psy, ktoré sa mazlí s mačkami Post. Ďakujem vám všetkým, ktorí doteraz poslali fotografie! Ak ste na svojich fotografiách ešte neposlali, cítite sa bezplatný, aby ste im pošleli e -mail na adresu

Keby ste si museli vybrať, ktorá fotografia je najroztomilejšia, ktorú by ste si vybrali?



3 – Kaya (pes) a Gina – sledujte ich pri mojich dvoch pitties








Pošlite svoje fotografie psov maznania s mačkami na


Aká je najkrajšia hra, ktorú hráš so svojím psom?

Emily z môjho vápna mala túto otázku, aká je najkrajšia hra, ktorú hráte so svojím psom?

Nemám veľa hier, ktoré hrám s Ace, ale rád by som s ním chodil a robil si z neho srandu. Jedna vec, ktorú robím, je hodiť prikrývku na celé jeho telo, roztočte ho okolo a zistiť, ako rýchlo sa môže dostať von (nie rýchly). Tiež rád hľadá veci, ktoré skrývam a bežím tam a späť medzi Joshom, keď beháme opačným smerom. Často hrám skryť a hľadám s esom, ale vždy som ten, kto sa skrýva. Pozná tiež „Get Scout“, čo naznačuje, že nájde moju mačku.

A čo ty? Aké hry hráš so svojím psom? Ace a ja sme mohli použiť nejaké nové nápady na hry.


30-dňová výzva: Ukážte svojmu domácemu psovi päť nových príkazov (úvod)

Dnes je 1. júla a začiatok mojej novej 30-dňovej výzvy. Beriem myšlienky ostatných a plánujem učiť svojich päť nových trikov za 30 dní. Pozná všetky základy, plus niekoľko zábavných, ako napríklad Speak a High-Pive, a oveľa prospešnejšie príkazy, ako sú drop, skok a vyliezť.

Päť príkazov, ktoré tento mesiac ukážem, sú Bang (Play Dead), Bucket (vložte svoju hračku do vedra), choďte dlho (spustite niekoľko metrov, aby ste dostali dlhú prihrávku), plaziť sa a prevráťte.

Bang and rollt the Of opis seba. Pre plazenie, dúfam, že sa ACE donútim plaziť sa po miestnosti na bruchu. Bucket and Go Long sa použije, pretože moja mutt je taká guľová matica, že by som mohol tiež zahrnúť niektoré triky do hrania. Nemyslel som si, že niektoré z nich ukážem eso, pretože som nikdy nepoznal žiadneho jednotlivca, ktorý by učil svojho domáceho psa, aby „šiel dlho“.

Každopádne budem platiť pokrok Ace a ako ukážem každý trik. Nebudem im všetky ukázať naraz, alebo bude príliš zmätený. Často už prechádza a vykonáva polovicu vecí, ktoré vie, dúfajúc, že ​​je ideálny, keď ho požiadam, aby niečo urobil. To je znamenie, že sa učí príliš rýchlo. Ukážem jeden alebo dva nové triky naraz a odtiaľ idem.

Chcete sa zúčastniť tejto výzvy? Aké päť vecí ukážete svojmu domácemu psovi tento mesiac?

Kliknutím sem zobrazíte moje ďalšie 30-dňové výzvy.


Why Do Dogs Yawn So Much?

Dogs yawn when they’re tired, just like us.

But sometimes dogs likewise yawn when they’re feeling mildly stressed.

Some examples may include:

1. The dog yawns when he feels anxious in the car.

2. The dog yawns as he is anticipating a walk.

3. The dog yawns since he is mildly stressed by one more dog licking his face.

4. The dog looks away as well as yawns when a kid takes his toy.

Yawning as a calming signal to other dogs

Yawning is commonly utilized as a calming signal in dogs.

Sometimes looking away as well as yawning is utilized by one dog to show one more dog he means no harm. It can likewise have a calming impact on the other dog.

I dealt with a fitness instructor at a regional humane society who stated when she wishes to assist a dog feel calm she will lean back in her chair, relaxed, as well as will make a point to screen exaggerated yawns. Not loud yawns, however loooong yawns with a wide mouth as well as without eye contact.

She demonstrated this for a group of us volunteers at the shelter. She was training one of the dogs for adoption, as well as she showed us exactly how ignoring the dog as well as making a point to yawn might assist the dog calm down.

Fungovalo to.

The dog ultimately lied down on a mat in front of her, and she rewarded him with food.

Other calming signals

Yawning can be gone along with by other calming signals in dogs such as:

looking away

raising a paw

tongue flicking or lip licking



pretending to be thinking about something else, like sniffing the grass

I’m not stating if your dog does these things she is traumatized or living a stressful life.

We all offer with little amounts of stress every day.

People yawn as a ‘calming signal’ too

Since observing dogs, I’ve noticed I will really yawn for a few of the exact same reasons – as a method to offer with moderate stress like uncomfortable silences as well as as a method to show others I am not “threatened” by their presence.

A great example is when there is uncomfortable silence between myself as well as one more person, say, in the cars and truck where I can’t walk away from the discussion.

I notice specific people will yawn extremely loudly to fill these silences or to prevent confrontation. I notice I do the same.

As one more example, if I accidentally trip or bump into something while walking in public, I may do this bit fake cough or fake yawn.

I don’t understand why I do it other than, I guess, to show that I am “unfazed” by what just happened.

Cats do it too!

My feline Scout will do this remarkable licking screen if he accidentally falls off a chair or gets startled.

These are just bit things I’ve observed, as well as I’m not stating I understand precisely why any type of of us (dogs, cats or humans) do these things. however if you look for them, you will see them too. Mostly, I see yawning as a method to cope with moderate stress.

Do dogs yawn to get our attention?

Yes, I believe some do.

I believe yawning starts out as a subtle stress reliever as well as then it becomes an attention-seeking habits for some dogs since the habits gets reinforced by people.

For example, the dog is anticipating a meal, which triggers him some amount of stress. He yawns to offer keeping that stress, as well as the owner notices this as well as ultimately feeds the dog.

Or, perhaps the exact same thing occurs when the dog wishes to go outside.

How many of you understand a dog that does these extremely vocal, remarkable yawns when she wishes to eat or play?

I notice my dog Ace yawns extremely loudly if he sees my other half as well as I getting prepared to head out on a walk together. If we’re both going, the walk must be additional “exciting” as well as Ace does not want to get left behind.

He definitely understands he can’t get away with barking at us, however I assumption he gets away with loud yawning.

I don’t understand if he is able to make the mindful option to yawn or if he just does it automatically. I believe most dogs just do the habits without believing about it since it’s been reinforced.

Likewise, when I observe people making a similar screen – yawning or sighing for interest – I don’t believe they rather recognize they’re doing it either.

Co si myslis?

Does your dog yawn a lot? What are a few of the reasons why you believe he yawns?

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How to keep the dog out of the Cat’s Litter Box

have any type of of you had this problem?

We didn’t nickname our dog Ace “The Turd Burglar” for nothing.

Ace was on medication years back that made him hungry all the time, and we commonly caught him browsing in the litter box for “sand biscuits.” (Update: Ace has passed away.)

We got our dog to stop getting into the litter box by:

1. utilizing a covered litter box.

2. putting the litter box in a corner, dealing with the corner.

3. putting up a moderate barricade or obstacle. I believe we just utilized a suitcase or a little chair, however you might likewise utilize a infant gate.

By doing those things, the cats might still quickly get to their bathroom, however it was not as simple for Mr. Turd Burglar.

Thankfully, the habit ultimately went away. It assisted that Ace was weaned off the medication (prednisone).

Other tips for keeping a dog out of the cat’s litter box

Scoop the litter box more commonly (come on, you understand you should anyway!).

Feed your dog a top notch diet plan so he gets all the protein as well as nutrients he needs.

Increase your dog’s exercise (physically as well as mentally) so he’s tired as well as not bored.

Kennel/crate your dog when you can’t supervise.

Keep the litter box in a space you can block off from your dog with the cats in it (laundry space or bathroom).

Firmly tell your dog “no” when caught in the act. Yes, it’s okay to tell a dog no!

When stating “no” doesn’t work

If you’ve tried ignoring inappropriate habits as well as rewarding great habits as well as it’s just not working, right here are some other concepts to try.

1. Use a squirt bottle full of water to squirt at your dog when she steps towards the litter box.

2. Try the Pet Corrector, which shoots air at the dog. Or the Doggie Don’t, which makes a loud, static noise dogs don’t like.

3. If all else fails, you might try utilizing a shock collar (e-collar) with a remote.

Oh My Gawd?! A shock collar?!

Áno. I’m not stating this is what you necessarily should do. I’m stating it’s an option, depending upon the circumstance as well as exactly how terribly you want to break this habit.

I will commonly suggest a shock collar to stop a dog from eating poop in the yard, which is a typical issue that’s difficult to stop.

Sure, I suggest you try positive reinforcement first, however sometimes that’s not sufficient or sometimes the owner just isn’t able to be patient sufficient or consistent enough.

For example, if the dog is eating poop in the yard, my very first suggestion would be to go outside in the lawn with the dog every single time he goes out.

Well, some people are just not willing or not able to do that, however sometimes they’re able to stand at a window as well as watch, prepared to provide a correction with the shock collar.

You have to do what works for you as well as your dog, as well as I believe getting a correction or two is much better than the dog eating poop its whole life.

But let me understand what you believe as well as exactly how you would solve this problem.

What concepts do you have for keeping a dog out of the cat’s litter box?

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